Wall Paper Removal

Removing wallpaper is messy, we recommend the interior experts at FinalTone.  With a wallpaper steamer we send steam through a hose to a plate against the wall.  This process softens the paper and paste, allowing removal with a putty knife.  Older homes often contain plaster walls.  Steaming can damage the wall board.  Unfortunately, improperly installed wallpaper or low quality sealers can result in damage to the sheetrock upon removal.  Other undesirable results of improper installation are mildew and marks or stains that show through.  New construction walls are coated with a compound called sizing rather than primer, that seals the paper to wall.  These modern installations can be removed with a chemical agent, which soaks the paper and dissolves the paste.  This accomplishes a clean, smooth surface.  If the enzyme is allowed to soak until the paper is easily removed this preserves the original wall, making it ready for new paper or paint.  Because this method requires chemical spray the area will need to be vacated and tarped off.