Suede Paint Finish

Suede Paint has become one of the most popular faux finishes in recent years. It is timeless and beautiful. It works in almost any living space, from bedrooms to living rooms and offices.

Suede painting starts with the base coat.  FinalTone begins by taping around the ceiling, windows, doors, floor trim, and any other woodwork or trim that is present.  We often use a high-quality 2” nylon-polyester brush to “cut in” around the ceiling and trim work.  The first coat looks slightly patchy and uneven. The second coat will cover nearly all imperfections.

Brushing on the second coat is completed in a crossing pattern of overlapping strokes.  The entire wall surface is carefully painted.  When done properly, this brushing technique will dry to varied shades of the same color, giving your walls the light and dark appearance of brushed suede.