Drywall Repair

Depending on the level of professional installation of the wall board, paper removal or expansion and contraction of joints can require drywall repair.  Common causes are loose corner beads, popped nails and screws, missed nail holes or small cracks from structural shifting. Steel pans allow clean up.  Quality taping and finishing knives improve the finishing and application of the patching  and joint compound.  A drywall saw is used for cutting and a rasp for smoothing the cuts.  A hammer with a convex head shape sets the fastners to avoid damaging the wall face.  A T square is used for marking and guiding the cut.  The sheet is measured with tape, chalk line to scribe the drywall panel.  Position the drywall with a lifter.  Screw gun or drill with appropriate screwdriver attachments will set the screws to studs or backing.  Mixing compounds requires a paddle and drill.  Hand mixing is only sufficient for small jobs.  Sanding tools include large-grain and medium-course sanding blocks.  Pole sanders are efficient for larger surfaces.  A shop vacuum will eliminate dust and allow for better examination of sanding progress. 

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