Our customers ask us why the quality of our paint finish is so much better and why the paint job holds up much longer. To answer this important question, we refer them to our comprehensive Painting Process.

Surface Preparation
      » Pressure wash 1-2 weeks prior to painting to allow for a completely dry surface
      » Remove dirt, mildew & mineral deposits
      » Pre-treat any mildew with bleach solution

The leading cause of paint failure is improper Surface Preparation. This step, when carefully performed, will improve the paint bond.

      » Complete caulking/repairs several days prior to painting to allow the caulk to properly cure
      » Inspect home thoroughly for any damages
      » Recommend any necessary repairs to prevent paint failure and water problem
      » Make any repairs you authorize such as siding, trim and brick molding, kick out roof flashing, etc
      » Apply polyurethane caulk

Over time, the failure to make Caulking/Repairs to the home exterior will result in water damage.In many cases, failing paint contributes to water problems. We inspect to ensure that all aspects of the home exterior are properly functioning. It benefits both you and Finaltone to find and correct these problems, protecting your investment and our good reputation.

      » Mask all surfaces not to be painted
      » Remove fixtures
      » Cover landscaping, patios & sidewalks
      » We only paint what you want painted!

Following proper Masking procedures will prevent unsightly over spray being left behind when the job is complete. During the painting process, some over spray is inevitable. Finaltone takes all necessary precautions to prevent accidents from damaging surrounding areas.

Paint Application
      » Scrape/sand any loose & peeling paint
      » Paint siding & soffits with first paint coat
      » Spray application of first paint coat on large surface areas
      » Back brush all painted surfaces following first coat to ensure complete adhesion and durability
      » Apply second paint coat
      » Back brush second paint coat
      » Apply paint coat to trim using a brush or roller

The quality of the Paint Application process will determine the new paint job’s visual appeal. Many other painting companies “save” a lot of time and effort during the Paint Application by skipping two important steps, namely, back brushing and application of two coats. Finaltone does not take these quick shortcuts, and the result is a high quality paint job that lasts much longer with better color retention.

Clean-Up Process
      » Remove masking from your home.
      » Return patio furniture, plants, downspouts, shutters and other items moved during painting to their original location
      » Remove equipment and garbage
      » Provide you with paint used on your project for use on future projects or touch-ups

Finally, the final step is the thorough Clean-Up Process that restores your home and yard to order. When we leave, you will be able to enjoy your home’s new look!